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Duncannon Road Widening - Phase II

Commonwealth of
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
1998 - 2004
Rural and/or Urban:
Rural and Urban
3.5 Miles
Type of
Widening existing Duncannon Road to Four Lanes with a depressed median.
Project Management:
Project Manager -
Vinay K. Polepall, P.E.

Madison County, Kentucky

(Mr. Polepalli has worked on the following project as a project manager while he was employed by another consluting firm in Kentucky.)

The purpose of the project was to widen existing Duncannon Road from two lanes to four lanes with a depressed median. Several segments of existing Duncannon Road were realigned to meet current design standards. However the alignment of existing Duncannon Road in the urban section was retained to minimize impacts to the adjacent properties and as well as minimize impacts to environmentally sensitive areas. The project also involved in designing a new interchange with I-75. The intent of the project was to provide an access to I-75 from Duncannon Road.  

 Several horizontal alignments and vertical grades were developed to design the proposed Duncannon Road and provide access to I-75. Several entrances to Duncannon Road were improved and several intersections were realigned to improve safety and access to the proposed alignment.

A very high importance was given to the environmentally sensitive areas to eliminate any impacts from the proposed alignment. To achieve this task, extensive coordination between the project team members was encouraged and implemented. Several design elements were tweaked to minimize the impacts to the adjacent environmentally sensitive areas.

 Drainage analysis was performed and drainage structures were designed that meet the proposed design criteria. Storm sewer drainage system was designed in the urban section of the project and roadside ditches were designed in the rural section to drain water away from the pavement.

Extensive utility coordination was performed to identify all the existing utilities and coordinate any future plans or ongoing construction with utility companies in the vicinity of the project.

 Erosion control plans were developed to minimize the potential silt build up in the natural channels due to the proposed construction. Proposed drainage structures were protected during construction from any silt build up by taking appropriate erosion control measures.

Capacity analysis was performed at various intersections as well as on various segments of Duncannon Road to study the existing Level of Service as well as predict the future level of service based on the traffic numbers provided by the state.

Left turn or Right turn storage lanes were designed at various intersections to improve the level of service.

Coordination with railroad authorities was performed to locate the bridge piers to ensure appropriate horizontal & vertical clearances for rail traffic.