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VAMC, KY - Emergency Water Supply Project,

Project Location

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Louisville, Kentucky 


Architect/Engineer is to provide design services for an emergency water supply to replace 100% of water consumption for an indefinite period in the event the Louisville Water Company ("LWC") is unable to provide water to the VAMC-Louisville. LWC is the sole source of water to the VAMC. In the event the LWC can no longer provide water to the VAMC, the VAMC will need to shut down until water can be provided. Many of the VAMC systems depend on water to include the boiler and chiller plants, the restroom facilities and the kitchen and dining facilities.

 The VAMC stores 10,000 gallons of water in building #1 penthouse in four (4), 2,500 gallon tanks. This is anticipated to be a one day supply for building #1. These tanks will only supply water to building#1. The water distribution system is not designed to have water from these tanks supply water to the rest of the VAMC campus. This means the boiler plant will be without a water supply and will need to be shut down as soon as LWC water is shut down, denying heat and steam to building #1 and the rest of the VAMC. With an average hourly consumption of 5,700 gal/hr these tanks will supply less than two hours of the hospital campus' water. There are several possible alternate sources of water to the VAMC: 1.) Bulk Water 2.) Bottled Water 3.) Rain Water Collection 4.) Intake at the Ohio River 5.) Ground Water from a Well and 6.) Water Well into the Louisville Aquifer.

An alternate water source will keep the needed water supplied to VAMC if LWC water is unavailable or unusable. The construction cost estimate is for the construction of a water supply well, water distribution system, water treatment and possible water storage. This system will connect to the existing VAMC-Louisville water distribution system, making up 100% water consumption of the VAMC-Louisville. This emergency system will be activated during periods LWC water is unavailable. Construction Cost range is between $500,000.00 and $1,000,000.00.