Project Experience » Roadway




Commonwealth of
Oldham County Economic Development
1999 - 2001
Rural and/or Urban:
Rural and Urban
3.2 Miles
Type of
Desing a access road and improve the existing local road approach to this business park access road.
Project Management:
Project Manager -
Vinay K. Polepall, P.E.
Oldham County, Kentucky

(Mr. Polepalli has worked on the following project as a project manager while he was employed by another consluting firm in Kentucky.)

The purpose of the project was to design a business parkway through a pre-identified corridor. The intent of the project was to provide access to a vast area of land adjacent to I-71 and spur economic development in the county.
Horizontal alignments and vertical grades were developed to design the proposed business parkway and provide access to the adjacent land. Potential entrances to several tracts of land were identified based on the proposed design and existing topography of the surrounding land.
Several intersections with existing roads such as KY 393, KY 53, Parker Drive, Button Lane were designed to provide safe access to proposed Oldham County Business Parkway. Sight distance, left turn and right turn lanes, traffic signs, striping, utility pole locations were closely studied and intersections were designed to provide safe access to the proposed intersection.
A very high importance was given to the client coordination due to the fact that the client was dealing with potential businesses to attract them to the proposed industrial park - for which this road was designed. The design elements were tweaked, if necessary, to accommodate the potential business establishments in the business park.
Drainage analysis were performed to drain the water as well as design drainage structures that meet the proposed design criteria. Ponds that were impacted as a result of this alignment were graded to blend in with the proposed line and grade.
Coordination with District 5 was performed to obtain encroachment permit. Curb and gutter section was designed for the approach road to this business parkway. Utility coordination was performed to identify the existing utilities and communications were established with the utility agencies if a utility relocation was necessary. Erosion control plans were developed to minimize the potential silt build up in the natural channels due to the proposed construction. Proposed drainage structures were protected during construction from any silt build up by taking appropriate erosion control measures.
The project was constructed in 2002 and various local agencies, residents and business community were pleased with the outcome of the project.