Utility Validation

We have performed extensive utility validation services on numerous projects.  Following steps were utilized in identifying and documenting utilities during design and construction.
·         Obtain existing utility drawings
·         Develop electronic files in CAD format to document the existing utility information
·         Coordinate with various utility agencies to authenticate the locations of utilities
·         Identify the utilities in the field
·         Perform Vacuum excavation at the identified locations
·         Document the utility information
·         Coordinate with the survey crew to obtain horizontal and vertical information of the utility
·         Download the survey information on to the plans and compare the field information with the information obtained from the existing plans and revise the plans as necessary.
·         Coordinate with utility companies and identify any conflicts with the proposed design
·         Develop solutions to mitigate the problem
·         Identify any proposed utility expansion plans
·         Study the potential proposed utility expansion plan on the design
·         Coordinate with the utility companies and keep them abreast of the proposed design